LAMP is an acronym for a solution stack of freeopen source software, originally coined from the first letters of Linux (operating system), Apache HTTP ServerMySQL (database software) and Perl/PHP/Python, principal components to build a viable general purpose web server.

The exact combination of software included in a LAMP package may vary, especially with respect to the web scripting software, as PHP may be replaced or supplemented by Perl and/or Python. More recently, it has become popular to replace Apache with Nginx. Additionally, Javascript has grown from a simple client-side technology into Industry standard client system architectures and application servers.

The development philosophy and tool sets are shared and developed in close conjunction. The software combination has become popular because it is free of cost, open-source, and therefore easily adaptable, and because of the ubiquity of its components which are bundled with most current Linux distributions. When used together, they form a solution stack of technologies that support application servers.

ActivLab has designed, developed and continues to host quite a number of complex Sites and Applications for the Web using LAMP technologies. Here are some recent examples:


Megasonic Sound – Recording Music and Voice in Oakland, CA. for over 20 years.

Grammy nominated staff and the highest fidelity recording environment in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Megasonic has produced projects ranging from meditation tapes to radio and television commercials. Directed and managed over 60,000 lines of dialog in single projects for the toy industry. From localization to corporate training videos, from music to Halloween werewolves, they are equipped to handle any type of media project you can imagineer.

Dr. Lucie Hemmen, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 25 years of experience working with adults, young adults, teens, and couples. Dr. Lucie specializes in parenting, anxiety, teenagers and young adults, and has written three books: Parenting a Teen GirlThe Teen Girl Survival Guide, and The Teen Girl Anxiety Survival Guide.